Elevated Acre

If you’ve NEVER heard of Elevated Acre, you’re definitely not alone. According to Untapped NYC, Elevated Acre is NYC Financial District’s Secret Plaza which “whisks you up” into a beautiful outdoor space overlooking the East River in the Financial District. Untapped NYC further explains why this beautiful space was designed to be here:

“The Elevated Acre at 55 Water Street, a building designed by Emery Roth & Sons, was completed in the early 1970s. After new zoning regulations for skyscrapers were passed in 1961, developers could add additional stories to a building’s height if it included a public plaza on the property. So, while this outdoor space was always there, the current design was just completed in 2005 by Ken Smith and Rogers Marvel Architects (now two separate firms, Marvel Architects and Rogers Partners), designers of other public spaces including the rehabilitation of McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, Bronx’s Mill Pond Park, and Washington DC’s Constitution Gardens.”